Who is Marguerite?


       Marguerite Ferrera was born in Los Angeles, California and has had always had a passion and talent for music. She has been singing in church since she was 3 years old and grew up singing Episcopal Hymnals and Gospel Music. Throughout her middle school and high school years she sang at various community events, school talent shows, and church events. Her passion for music grew and developed even more while attending Williams College in Massachusetts where she sang solos for cultural and social justice events, in the Gospel Choir, co-directing her Junior Fall, and in a band through All Acoustic Alliance at Pera Mediterranean Restaurant with other students. Marguerite credits her biggest influences to Neosoul greats like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Robert Glasper and John Legend. Her Hip-Hop influences to Chance the Rapper, Mos Def, and Kanye West. Beyonce is her one of her favorite entertainers ever, as she admires her arrangements and ability to perform. Needless to say, Marguerite finds her musical strength and roots in R&B, Hip-Hop, and Neosoul, a trio mix she would describe as the ultimate love triangle. 

       Marguerite is also passionate about mental health, education, and wellness. She plans on opening up her own center that focuses on the intersection of mental health& wellness, music and spirituality in South LA one day. Her desire is to use her music to health communities and create positive change.She will be volunteering as a speaker with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental illness) in 2017 as an advocate for mental health in schools and churches. To stay well, she walks, is an avid yoga student, and seeks to find peace in all that she does.