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by Marguerite Alexis

          Marguerite Alexis’s debut EP, “I Am”, is a magnificent musical journey that highlights her identity as a woman of color, and the many layers that come with dealing with love, community, and social justice. The “I Am” EP creates a perfect combination of delightful R & B rhythms, slick neo-soul sounds complemented by lyrics that seamlessly weave into songs about first love, joy and pain, and the struggles for justice in minority communities.  Songs like “Make it Last Forever” to “Ease your Mind Interlude,” Alexis makes the listener feel like moving smoothly on the dance floor or living room, worry-free and carefree. On the path to healing, Marguerite Alexis takes us to “Road to Recovery” an anthem regarding the Black Lives Matter Movement. It is a piece of pain and power in the accomplishments of our ancestors, currently, and the work ahead to achieve freedom. Alexis ends with “I Am”, hence the title of her EP, a song that culminates each musical piece of her EP, with Marguerite Alexis truly discovering who she is, in relation to life, love, God, and art. “I Am” is a road map of Marguerite Alexis’s birth, identity, growth and purpose as a young Black woman of God who loves her people and life itself.

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These are 2 tracks out of 6 on the EP. Peace!