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Marguerite Alexis is a seasoned musical artist with years of training and singing domestically and internationally in Spain. She approaches every performance with detail and puts her heart and soul into the music. She is also a keyboardist can provide that service to your next event. She currently owns her own record label Freedom and Soul Records and in August 2018 released her debut EP/Album, "I Am." You can find her music on all digital platforms: iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Tidal, and YouTube. Read more to learn about her music offerings. 

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Wedding Singing

Available to sing as many songs as you'd like for your special day. My base price is $300 for a Wedding Gig and this price is based on the number of songs you would like me to sing, if you want me to  play and sing and go up from there. The price will increase with regard to to travel to the venue if it is a far distance and if lodging is required. The client can also cover the lodging and travel  costs as an option.

My price with a full band is $1,000. With given enough notice, I can put together a band of a keyboardist, bass player, saxophonist etc. 

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                     Live Performances

Available for your next live event, wine and chill, party, social gathering. My standard rate per song is $100. 

Provided enough notice, I can put tougether a band, keyboardist, bass player, saxophonist etc. My base price for a band is $1,000.  

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Marguerite is available to teach Piano Lessons. She will teach you chord based progressions and help you to play popular tunes. Reach out to her for more information via her contact form. 

          Background Singing Live or Studio Sessions/Song     Collaborations

Available to sing Live Background Vocals at your next event, gig, or show. 

My base price for Background Singing is $50 Per Song. 


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Available to write your next song, co-write and co-collaborate with singing as well. I expect to own a percentage of the song based on what I have written in lyrics (writer's share) what I have contributed to the melody and to production. The agreement upon percentage share for writers shares and publishing will be written in a professional contract and signed. My music performing rights organization is ASCAP ( My expectation is that you would be registered with a music performing rights organization as well to ensure proper payment in the form of royalties. 

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***All rates are standard, however I am flexible. Please submit the details of your event on this page and I will be in touch within 2-3 business Days. Thank you***