What is Reiki?

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Reiki is a Japanese form of natural healing that means Universal Life Energy. Reiki helps to bring balance to the body. It relaxes the body, reducing pain, releasing stress and helps the body heal itself. It is a spiritual healing practice that can restore balance in many areas which include, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health.

The Reiki Practitioner facilitates the space for healing and usually does this by light touch which generally brings a fast reduction in stress and pain and anxiety relief. Many recipients of reiki state improvements in sleep, digestion and higher sense of purpose and well-being.

“Other benefits, such as feeling more motivated, less depressed, or experiencing relief from side effects of medications, radiation or chemotherapy, vary from person to person” (Pamela Miles, Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide)

Reiki can never be harmful but can only promote healing and positive energy. Reiki promotes balance, and strengthens the body’s ability to heal itself.     

While Marguerite has set rates and packages, her mission is to make Reiki accessible to all people, regardless of their financial situation. See more info at the bottom of this page with regard to accessibility. 

Marguerite is also passionate about bringing Reiki into medicine - clinics, hospitals and VA clinics. Marguerite has a deep passion for serving the underserved and would love to partner with such facilities. Please contact her via email via the contact form to discuss more. 

Reiki Testimonials

My 1st Reiki experience was amazing and life-changing! Marguerite created a welcoming & professional environment. I really appreciated how comfortable she made me feel before, during, and after our session and helping me release old energy & stress that no longer served me. As a result, I’m feeling much lighter & more focused. I’m definitely looking forward to working with Marguerite again whose passion for holistic health and care for her clients shine through.
— Michelle Taylor Greene
I’ve had two sessions with this one being the best one. I feel great. God had put me in this path or directed us to be together or to meet one another. I feel great. It is an experience that there are no words to express what this experience is about. This was my first time ever doing reiki sessions and Marguerite is great. She has a special way of connecting with someone’s soul and it’s amazing! So I can’t wait to come back!
— Juana Rosales
It was wonderful. It was peaceful. It was my first time doing reiki and glad I was table to do it with Marguerite. She was a good and helpful practitioner. She was really calm and caring and considerate. I feel relaxed. Some of the things in terms of the chakra points. Some of the things that were focused on just provides confirmation.
— Steven C Martin
I had a lot of heaviness on me and my heart. I felt called to Marguerite and I found you. I’m so grateful and blessed to have found you because I just had a beautiful session. I feel so much lighter, and I feel a little bit more at ease than when I first got here. The energy work is real.
— Angela Webb-Pigg
It was a very centering and balancing experience, which is what I was looking for. Essentially I wanted something where I could connect to my inner self and really stay with the intention of calm and peace and patience, and I felt that in our moment together
— Monique Johnson
This was my first time receiving Reiki. I left feeling great. I remember a point where it was happening and I felt my thoughts release. I definitely feel more at peace. Lots of clarity right now and really balanced.
— Remy Gates
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Marguerite's Reiki Services


In Person Reiki

Reiki in person sessions last from 45-60 minutes. Recipients are fully clothed and Marguerite starts each session with asking the client how they are feeling, why they came in today, and starting with a chakra affirmation that relates to their current state of emotions. Recipients are fully clothed and as the practitioner, Marguerite may lay her hands directly on the body or may work a few inches around the body (Always asking for client consent). Calming music and a zen atmosphere help to promote healing and deep-seated relaxation. At the end of each session, Marguerite checks in with the client to see how they feel and gives guidance on how to best take care of themselves post session.

$50 per session

$115 for 3 sessions (used within 90 day period)

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Distant Reiki

Distant reiki sessions last for about 45-60 minutes. In a distant reiki session Marguerite begins with a pre-reiki discussion of the client’s current energy and has the client set intentions for themselves.We are all connected to life force energy and during this remote session, Marguerite practices reiki as if she was in person with you. Reiki flows from her hands into a sacred space that she ‘holds’ for the client. Before working with clients, Marguerite always sets intentions for the session and the client’s healing. After the session, Marguerite checks in to ask how the client feels and facilitates a short discussion on next steps for continued healing in between future sessions.


How do I book a reiki session?

Marguerite books reiki sessions by appointment only. Email her at freedomandsoulhealing@gmail.com. She takes clients during the week after 5 PM and weekends as well. She will send you a scheduling link to book once you decide on a date. Your session is official and secured once you have paid online via Square Up link. She practices from a home space in South Los Angeles.

How do I pay? 

I accept payment directly through the Square Up Booking Link. I do not accept cash as it takes away from the sacred space of healing.

Don’t see a time that fits your schedule

Contact me via email if there is not an available time to fit your schedule. I will do my best to make something work.

Free Consultation Call :)

Contact me to schedule a free consultation to learn more about reiki and what I can provide to enhance your health and wellness journey. Feel free to text me at (323)481-5718 to set up a call and email me directly at: freedomandsoulhealing@gmail.com.