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Marguerite is a seasoned public speaker, panelist and overall advocate for holistic mental wellness. She leads with her story of having Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression and creates spaces where her audiences and participants can feel called to share, participate, and engage in an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and community. In her talks, she discusses the daily process of recovery, her path to integrating holistic medicine into her healing and provides resources on organizations like NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Urban LA ( ,where Marguerite works. Marguerite has spoken on panels, in schools through the National Alliance on Mental Illness Ending the Silence Programs, and curates community events around Mental Wellness often in the South LA community. She has her B.A. from Williams College and is currently in school taking psychology classes in prep to apply for PhD Clinical Psychology Programs to become a professor and therapist in the future. 

            She is well equip to empower folks not simply with her own story, but with practical coping tools to create resilience and strength in recovery and has a wealth of resources to share with her audience on mental wellness organizations. Her role at NAMI Urban LA, passion for change, and desire to speak courageously has equip her with a wealth of knowledge to help others heal and thrive with mental health challenges. 

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"Mental Health and Communities of Color: A Candid Conversation to Educate, Empower, and Spread Awareness"

A Workshop Panel created by Marguerite Alexis Ferrera for the Each Mind Matters Holistic Wellness Day Fair. 

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